Hip Hop and the Mixtape Culture 


The above trailer is a snapshot of my documentary Hip Hop & the Mixtape Culture. Soon to be released and independently distributed.

Featuring Historian Dr Hakim Adi, Professor of Music Alex Seago & Critic, NME Journalist Beatles expert Paul Du Noyer. 

I love Hip Hop its apart of my conditioning. 


Hip Hop & the Mixtape Culture looks at the United States. It describes how music and dance migrated with the people.

The Documentary discusses the influence of modern day media and methods of communication. Hip Hop’s connections and how the genre had to translate itself in order to be heard. From unspoken to spoken.

Young people globally are frustrated due to a lack of opportunity. Hip Hop is their voice and a diplomatic tool, a tool which is blossoming.

The oral tradition is a part of a global network not unique to any race or demographic. The black Atlantic’s influence on Hip Hop and the rise of British Hip Hop is considered.

Hip Hop & the Mixtape Culture examines the genres potential and influence in modern day society.

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Bareface Films Debut Film Pirates Alley will be showing at AOFA.

Category Student Films

When 1st May 2014


Trailer Pirates Alley Bareface Films debut Film

Pirates Alley looks at the Horn of Africa’s Piracy situation. The documentary examines the new scrambles for Africa and The War on Terror.

How could the richest country in Africa pre 1991 end up so much ruins today. Pirates Alley discusses these issues.

un- Noticed


What does it take to become noticed in society? A journey begins the way it ends as she goes “un-Noticed”. Moral of the story, take time out notice those around you.

a Prince William E. Moris Short Film.

Independent filmmaking with a difference non conventional & transparent.


A chronicle of one soldier’s grief as he struggles to come to terms with the actions and decisions, which he has made during the Vietnam War.

Filmmaker contact details;

The Official Website: http://surkoc1.wix.com/baptismbyfire


First Date

A fun love story about a beautiful girl who fell in love with a handsome boy thanks to a cappuccino.

Filmmaker contact details.
Website Details

The Walk


A delightful walk in the country takes and unexpected turn for an unsuspecting victim

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a Bareface Film Club showcased Pinch Point on 28 June 13


A short documentary film produced by student filmmaker Bradley Stearn that discusses motorists and cyclists in Cambridge UK.

Filmmakers contact details.

Website Details: http://www.facebook.com/PinchPointFilm


Rabbits Also Fly from Bareface Films on Vimeo.

On the 20th September 2013 Bareface Films showcased Rabbits Also Fly. An independent film a Bareface vision.

One man’s battle against his inner demons. Armed only with a skipping rope he must come to terms with what haunts him. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll believe that rabbits also fly.


a Bareface Film Club Selection Whose Story! 

A Short film on the independence of India and its after effects.


20th September a Bareface Film Club screened The Death of Themba

Please be aware that this is a very emotional film.This short film is just one story from one day and displays the emotion of those who work with poached animals.

Paul Mills


Bareface Film Club showcased Living Without Living 28 June 13


Living Without Living (2011): a short documentary film about the plight

of destitute asylum seekers in the UK focused on the reporting system.

The film was produced as part of Respect and Dignity for Asylum Seekers

Campaign sponsored by British Refugee Council and was screened as world

premiere at Amnesty International Human Right/Action Centre in London on

22 November 2011, at the British Refugee Council in London on 30 November

2011 and then as International premiere at Oosternieland Film Festival in

Netherlands on 04 November 2012.

Filmmaker details 

ind regards
Ne Kunda Nlaba
Film director/Producer



Bareface Film Club Showcased Ignorant 28 June 13.


Film is based on situation in relationships. The hard part of it, which takes us to fear of loosing someone important.

A Film by

 Zane Cihanovska - ZARROW Production, Actors - Priyanka Modha, Khalid Pela, Music by Yiruma - Tears

contact the Filmmaker via http://zarrowproduction.tumblr.com